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Updated: May 7, 2019

Reasons area rugs are better than full room carpet !

The best choice isn’t the first one you think of. Should you stick with rugs, or you should carpet the whole house? What is better for us, our guests or our family? In this blog, we are going to tell about the reasons why rugs are better than full room carpet.

1. More versatile

You can put rugs anywhere in your home. You can put it infront of the sink, at the foot of your bed, down the hallway, under your dining table, in your dining table. Moreover, renters will enjoy being able to roll their rugs up and take them away when it is time to move.

2. Easy to change

When your carpet wears out, you will want to replace it. That is a big production. Changing an area rug is an easy way to make your home more beautiful and get one quality one.

3. Easy to clean

You can clean rugs where it is. There is no need to remove it or shake it out. Just take a rug cleaner and clean it without moving yourfurniture.

4. More reasonable

You will end up spending less than you would if you installed wall to wall carpet. You can also purchase Persian rugs or living room rugs, but if you don’t want it, area rugs anyways.

5. More designs

Area rugs come in a big range of colors and designs. They are available in different colors too. Also, they are useful for defining space in an open floor plan. Set up your comfortable seating on a large area rug. It will look great and have its own space.

6. Easy to install

Professionals can easily install the rugs in your home. They will do a great job and you can also put rugs in your car.

7. Better for allergies

There is nothing better than carpet for trapping dust, mites and other types of allergens. What if you look and feel a rug under your feet? A good, low-pile area rug may be an

Living room rugs

alternative for you. You will be able to clean it than full room carpeting.

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