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Arifa Akter
Jan 31, 2022
In General Discussion
This development has meant that, beyond a leisure tool, they are a key element when it comes to doing business . Brands are very fax number list involved in social platforms, looking to reach audiences that drive them. However, it seems that there is still ample room for improvement in this field. This has been reflected in a survey fax number list among young people between the ages of 16 and 24 carried out by the market research platform Aponia . This has brought to light that business profiles are only followed by 26% of those surveyed . A fact that suggests that the efforts of companies to carry out fax number list digital campaigns are going unnoticed. When following a brand on social networks, what young people value most is the possibility of obtaining discounts (41%), followed by fax number list especially fun content (36%) and the presentation of new trends (33%). The least valued are the spontaneous unedited videos , as in real life (16%). Brands are demanded a worked and fax number list quality content. If we look at the profiles most followed by users, 80% of fax number list those interviewed say that they mainly follow their friends, influencers (46%) and celebrities (31%). Instagram is the great winner of social networks In any case, of all the options that dominate the social network market, Instagram is fax number list the clear winner for young Spaniards . 87% use it daily, of which 54% do so several times a day. YouTube occupies the second position with 66%, followed by Tikor with 54%. However, the latter is fax number list used more times a day, specifically by 30%, compared to 29% of the audiovisual platform. On the contrary, the least used is Snapchat , with 54% of respondents who say fax number list they never use it, followed by Facebook, with 43%. What does Generation Z value the most?
Arifa Akter
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