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Stain resistant

Updated: May 7, 2019

When you are shopping for carpeting for your home, you are sure to come across the term “stain resistant”. You may automatically assume that the term means your carpet will never be stained. It is important to understand exactly what stain resistant carpeting really means, so you will know exactly what you are buying

What Does Stain Resistant Carpet Really Mean What Does Stain Resistant Carpet Really Mean?

The first thing to remember is that no carpet is stain-proof. It can be resistant to staining, meaning that it is harder to stain, but that does not mean it will never stain. Stain resistant carpeting is coated with a chemical finish to repel liquid spills and dirt. The repelling makes it tougher for the liquid or dirt to set into the fibers of the carpet.

Stain resistant carpet makes it easier to clean up spills and messes. As long as you address a spill right away, you can usually clean it with soap and water and never see the stain again. Stain resistant carpeting maintains its appearance longer than other types of carpeting because you do not have to worry that every drop of juice or mud will leave a stain. Even though stain resistant carpeting has the benefit of being better protected from stains, it is not protected from all stains. Read the label and any information that comes with your carpeting. This will tell you how to address stains on your carpet and the kinds of chemicals that will discolor your carpet. It is also important to note that stain resistant carpeting tends to harbor more dust and bacteria, which can pose a risk to your health. Before you purchase any type of carpeting, do your research. Make sure it is a good fit for your home, especially if you have children or allergy problems. Being a knowledgeable consumer will ensure that you choose the best carpeting to meet your needs.

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